Blogger vs WordPress: wordpress or blogger which is better

Do you know Blogger vs WordPress: wordpress or blogger which is better. We will analyze both platforms and recommend and try to be aware of the pros and cons of both platforms.

Introduction of WordPress

Friends, WordPress is currently the largest platform for creating blogs, online shopping, and other websites in the world. It was started in 2003. So if you want to start a blog, WordPress is the best platform. If you want to create a blog on WordPress, you need a domain and host. WordPress provides the best control appearances and security to your blog websites which is better than any other platform. Remember that currently 95% of the world’s blogs are built on WordPress

Introduction of blogger

Dosto Blogger was created by Pyra Labs in 1999, which rose to prominence in its early years, and seeing its rapidly growing popularity, Google acquired Blogger in 2003.

The biggest thing about Blogger is that it is cheap. If you create a blog on Blogger, you do not need to buy a host and you can run your blog from just one customer domain.

Similarly, you can’t afford to buy a domain, so you don’t have to worry because Blogger also offers you a free domain.

Which is called

Blogger also helps you create a good-looking secure and inexpensive blog website but the features in Blogger are much less than in WordPress.

Blogger is the worst blogging platform after WordPress today. Currently, 1% of the top 1 million blog websites are made up of bloggers

WordPress vs blogger

We will compare both platforms and determine which platform is best for content writing and blogging. We will compare it on the basis of the following features.

If you are thinking of starting your own blog today, this blog article specialty is for you. Friends, WordPress, and blogger are currently the biggest platforms for blog websites.

If we talk about WordPress, WordPress is the biggest platform for creating blog websites. Currently, according to statistics, 95% of the world’s one million blog websites are based on WordPress.

And 38% of the top 1 million websites are built on WordPress. On WordPress, you can create blogs, online shopping, and other websites.

You need a host and custom domain to create blog websites on WordPress.

The biggest advantage of WordPress is its security. Websites built on WordPress have a much better look appearance.

You have flexibility on WordPress and you have many plugins that help you improve your blog or websites.

Similarly, if we talk about blogger software, blogger is the second-largest platform for starting a blog after WordPress. 2% of the Top 1 million blog websites in the world are made on bloggers. The biggest reason to create a blog on Blogger is that it is cheap.  You don’t need a host to create a blog site on Blogger, you just need a custom domain.  But if you can’t even buy a custom domain, you don’t have to worry because you can also work from Blogger’s subdomain. Its subdomain (

So if we want to see which of these two platforms is best for blog websites, then, of course, WordPress provides you with the more flexible good looking, and attractive blog, and plugins to improve it which is not available in Blogger. ۔But bloggers are better off starting a new blog or getting cheaper.

Overview: wordpress vs blogger

Both Blogger and WordPress allow you to create blog websites, but in terms of ease of use, it is easy to create a blog on both Blogger and WordPress.

If you want to create a blog website on Blogger, all you have to do is sign in with your Google account. Friends you can do more with the customization setting option. If you want to see traffic on your blog then the stats option is best for it.

Finally, your blog is ready to post. All you have to do is click on the New Post option and start writing your post. You can do more with HTML to change the theme of your site.

Friends WordPress is the best way to create a blog so far. Creating a blog on WordPress is easy but a bit more complicated than Blogger. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do coding to create a blog website on WordPress. All you have to do is install WordPress and at the same time, you should be able to install WordPress plugins.

Then there are WordPress setup steps that can help you create the perfect website. Also, you can easily change the theme of your blog website. You can add text, audio, video pictures, and much more to your blog. Plus, you can easily customize your blog with any plugin you want. Remember you have more opportunities in WordPress than in Blogger.

Control and flexibility- WordPress vs blogger

Both WordPress and Blogger platforms are very easy to use


All you need to create a blog website on WordPress is a host and a domain. If you know how to install WordPress and install WordPress plugins, that’s all. Very ease to use WordPress.


Blogger, on the other hand, does not require a host. All you need is a domain and you can create a blog website on Blogger with just a Google Account.

The setting for both has its own way of managing graphic templates and appearances.

Further on both platforms, you can make further changes as per your intention.

But on WordPress, you get more options, features, and opportunities than Blogger. In short, Blogger is very good in ease to use

Security- WordPress-blogger

Now we will cover the security measures of both platform WordPress and blogger. Security is one of the most important concerns for starting a blog. Now let’s talk about them one by one.


Blogger is hosted and powered by google. Due to that, you have no need to worry about your data security. You can lose your data only by violating google terms.


WordPress is also one of the most secure platforms for us. You have no need to worry about that. But one concern is that host of your blogger is private. And you are responsible for losing data and backup.

Ownership- WordPress vs blogger

Ownership is an aspect that cannot be ignored. If we look at the ownership aspect of WordPress and Blogger, it becomes even more important.

Ownership in wordpress

You have full ownership over WordPress, meaning you are not at risk of any neural interference. You are not required to have just one host on WordPress, meaning you can change your host whenever you want.

At the same time, you own all the data on WordPress, meaning you have no fear of data theft.

You can run the blog website on WordPress for as long as you want, it doesn’t shut down and it stays safe.

Ownership on Blogger

If we are talking about Blogger’s website, you cannot change the host on Blogger, that is, you cannot transfer your blog to another host. And secondly, your data is not very secure. Not only can Google remove the data whenever it wants, but Google also has the power to shut down your website. If it sees a policy violation, it can block your blog.

Future- WordPress vs blogger

It is very important to determine the future prospects of the Blogger and WordPress to start a blog. It is necessary to study possible changes on WordPress and Blogger in the next 1year to 5 years.

Future of WordPress

WordPress is private source software, where you can customize your blog website according to your requirements. You have no need to worry about the future changes of WordPress as a risk for your blog. WordPress made minor changes every year to make it better for users.

Future of WordPress

Blogger is owned by Google. Google has not made any changes in bloggers for years. So Blogger users have no need to worry about its future changes. Blogger is no doubt the best platform to use blogger.

Portability- WordPress vs blogger


Portability is also an important factor for starting a blog. If we discuss the Portability of WordPress then you can easily shift your blog to another platform without any risk and losing data.


Otherhand you can’t easily move your website to another platform due to its complexity. There is a high risk of losing your data subscribers and other features during shifting your blog from a blogger. So Portability of blogger is not good as compared to WordPress.

Pricing- WordPress vs blogger

The pricing factor plays a very important role to drive a long blogging career on one website.


For starting a blog on WordPress initially, you required money. Because you have to need to buy a host and suitable domain on a WordPress blog. So it is costly as compared to another one. 

But yes it is true that you have access to more functionality and features as compared to any other platform for a blog.


The blogger is very cheap to start a blog website as compared to other ones. Because you have no need to buy any host. But it will be good if you buy a custom domain.

You have no need to understand that functionality flexibility and features on bloggers are less than WordPress.

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Conclusion: wordpress or blogger which is better?

So it was all about Blogger vs WordPress: wordpress or blogger which is better. After analyzing all key factors we can say WordPress will be a better option to start a blog in 2022. If you have a budget problem then you can take a warm-up start from blogger.

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